Meet Hardeep Grewal

“My family instilled in me the values of hard work, service and above all responsibility for ourselves, our community and our future.” – Hardeep Grewal

Hardeep has been an active community member within Brampton over the last decade, including working with the Guru Gobind Singh Children Foundation and C-SASIL (Canadian South Asians Supporting Independent Living).

His involvement in provincial politics started at the age of 18, being elected as one of the youngest local riding presidents in the party’s history for Etobicoke North, and later served as the regional director of the Ontario PC Fund.

Hardeep has played key roles in many Municipal, Provincial & Federal Campaigns serving as campaign manager, Fundraising Chair, and a Volunteer Coordinator.

Working extensively with the community Hardeep has been involved in and recognized by many charitable organizations and government officials. Professionally, Hardeep is a successful real estate broker.